Analysis Tools

Tools for TDTR & 3 Omega Simulation (MATLAB)

  1. Basic TDTR Package (Concentric Pump/Probe w/In-Plane and Through-Plane Anisotropy for arbitrary # of layers)…99% of people need this one.  The theory for this calculation is published here.
  2. Bidirectional TDTR Package.  Similar to Basic TDTR Package, but with the ability to simulate layers both above and below the heating layer.  The theory for this is described in the appendix here.
  3. Beam Offset TDTR Package (Non-concentric Gaussian beams, but still radial material symmetry).  The theory for this calculation is published here.
  4. Advanced TDTR Package (Arbitrary Pump/Probe shape, Arbitrary thermal conductivity tensor).  The math is described in this preprint.
  5. Standard TDTR with Two-Temperature Model (i.e. can simulate electrons/phonons as independent but coupled channels).  The theory for this calculation is published here
    1. 2-Channel FDTR of a single layer
  6. Utilities:
    • Picosecond Acoustics Peak Picking
    • Reference Phase Correction of TDTR data
    • FWHM measurement for Beam Offset TDTR data

Note 1:  The computational expense gets exponentially larger for the more advanced packages.  Whereas the Standard package simulates most TDTR data in ~0.1 s, the Advanced TDTR Package needs ~10-100 sec, so don’t use it unless its required by symmetry!

Note 2:  Let me know if there are ways I can improve the usefulness or usability of this software.


Tools for 3 Omega Method Simulation/Analysis (MATLAB)

  1. Data Reduction Software (i.e. with fitting)
  2. 3 Omega Curve Simulation (no fitting)

Tools for Frequency Domain Thermoreflectance Analysis (MATLAB)

  1. FDTR Simulation/Errorbar Calculator

Tools for Simulating Thermal Interface Conductance (MATLAB)

  1. Diffuse Mismatch Model (DMM) Simulation Software (uses third order polynomial phonon dispersion for each polarization)

Tools for Estimating Heat Capacity

  1. Heat Capacity of Binary Compounds (Uses combo Debye/Einstein model to treat acoustic/optic mode heat capacities)

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